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SSIS Custom File Task (SSIS Control Flow Custom Component)

Most of us work on SSIS for developing complex packages for various business requirements using the given Microsoft built-in tasks in management studio of SSIS. Sometimes the built-in components/tasks in Integration Services do not meet your requirements or may force us to use multiple task to achieve a single operation. Under this situation, you can extend the power of Integration Services by coding your own custom extensions/tasks from scratch so that you have full control over it.

Under the same hub comes the current file System Task which most of us uses more frequently, where you can only delete, move, copy , etc one single file from source to destination but what if the case if you want to do same operations for multiple files or even more stuff like doing these operations(copy, move and delete on multiple files) with different sort criteria and with different file formats and there is no end for user requirements. Yes, you can do but with the cost of using multiple other tasks or coding with script component to achieve one single business requirement which increases load and redundant coding/tasks.

So with the motto of reusability ,I have developed a Custom SSIS file system task from scratch(without extending the existing file system task) with more features(mentioned above and we can add more) than the existing one and does the same operations on multiple files instead of on single file for the respective directories. Attached is the dynamic link library (you can find the dll in the debug folder of source code download) and code which you can pull into your management studio by following the below steps and use this control for various file related requirements within your projects.

1. Copy the attached library into your local C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\DTS\Tasks\
2.Install this library into GAC.
               gacutil.exe –i “given library”
3.Add this library into toolbox
               Launch BIDS and choose Tools | Choose Toolbox Items...
               Select the SSIS Control Flow Items tab, and check the CustomFileTask.
4. Yes, you are ready to use this Custom File System Task. 

Note: I'd really appreciate any feedback on whether you think the project will be more feasible if it covers few more topics/features. Leave comments or email me at

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